Get the right nutritional advice from a Dietitian

The foods we eat are so important to our health, but this gets confusing with all the different views on dieting. The right nutritional advice should take into account any medical conditions you have, the foods you enjoy, and what your goals are.

Our friendly team of Dietitians at Your Health Sport and Spine help people of all ages and backgrounds eat the right foods to perform at their best in sports, or manage any medical conditions.

We provide Dietetic services to the local Dural, Middle Dural, Galston, Kenthurst, Glenhaven, North Kellyville, Castle Hill, and Cherrybrook communities.

Nutrition and Dietetics services for the Dural, Galston and Cherrybrook communities

What can a Dietitian help you with?


General Nutrition

Eating the right foods can help improve your energy, sleep, mood, concentration, or match your fitness goals. As we age, our dietary requirements change and our Dietitians can help guide you each step of the way. Find the right balance between the foods you like and the nutrition you need.


Weight Management

Having a personalised eating plan that provides you with knowledge and skills for the future is the best way to develop a healthy relationship with your body and food. Our Dietitians can help understand what has and hasn't worked so you can achieve and maintain your optimal weight.


Digestive Health

Our Dietitians can help you eat the right foods for any food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac, diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and GORD (reflux). People are increasingly experiencing these problems and getting the right dietary advice is key.



For people with a family history of diabetes, pre-diabetic, or have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Dietitians can help to naturally help people normalise their blood sugar levels through the foods they eat.


Specific Diets

Confused by all the latest diet fads out there? Get the right advice on which diet is best for you, including the Monash FODMAP diet, the RPAH elimination diet, and diets for people with specific food allergies.


Women's Health

Women require different diets before and after pregnancy, which can help the baby develop normally and prevent gestational diabetes. Those with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) also require specific diet advice.

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