Fractured a bone and not sure what to do about it?

Let's face it, accidents and broken bones happen. But rather than waiting hours in the hospital emergency department, to be then sent to the fracture clinic, and waiting hours more, the Physiotherapists at Your Health Sport and Spine can handle many simple fractures without the fuss!

Our Physiotherapists at Your Health Sport and Spine can help organise any scans, then guide you on the best way to stabilise the area to allow proper healing. For any complex fractures, we can also refer you to the right specialist.

We have a variety of splinting, bracing and casting options to choose from to suit kids and adults of all shapes and sizes.

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Types of Fractures

Bones can break in many different ways. The best way to heal broken bones depends on the type of fracture, and whether it's classified as displaced or non-displaced (that is, if the bone fragments are close or far apart). Non-displaced fractures which are close together can be easily managed by keeping the area fixed and secured with a brace, splint, or cast to let the ends of the bones join together and heal.

Our team of Physiotherapists and Chiropractors can check your fracture and let you know the best way to get it better.

Diagram showing the different types of fractures that can happen (simple, oblique, comminuted, greenstick).

Expert Fracture Management in the Dural, Galston and Cherrybrook communities

We can help fit the right product to heal your fracture

CAM Moon Boots

Controlled Ankle Motion (CAM) boots, also known as moon boots, are a simple way to help foot and ankle fractures heal. These can often be used instead of casting the foot and allow you to walk on them. We have a range of budget to premium options, and can fit and teach you how to use them.

Fibreglass casts

Using casting for fractures is the traditional way of healing fractures. Acute swollen fractures often require a plaster back slab first, then as the swelling reduces the use of fibreglass cast. These need to be removed with a plaster saw afterward. We stock a different colours and waterproof types.

EXOS casts

EXOS casts are a new way of managing upper limb fractures, and feel more like a strong wrist brace that a cast. These are comfortable, secure, waterproof and can be used for many hand and wrist injuries. They come without the mess of plaster and fibreglass casting and can be easily removed without a plaster saw.

Braces and splints

Many fractures require the use of a supportive brace or splint to help them heal. Our team can help you choose the right brace or splint depending on your injury type and what you'll need to do with it whilst it is on.


Fractures of the collarbone, shoulder, and arm really benefit from being held in a sling whilst they recover. Some chemists do stock basic slings, but we stock high quality slings that are comfortable and adjustable to you.


Getting crutches can be really tricky, especially when you need them and can't walk! Instead of going into every chemist, you can pick up some crutches from our clinic, where we can make sure they're the right size and fitted.

A New Way Of Managing Fractures

EXOS casting

At Your Health Sport and Spine, we stock and fit the EXOS upper limb braces as an option for various wrist and hand fractures. This new innovative fracture management system provides strong immobilisation that is easy to fit, waterproof, without requiring any messy fibreglass or a plaster saw to remove.

Common fractures our Physios can help with

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